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Backstage® is a self-managed website solution that empowers you to manage your website with ease, control and efficiency, without constant and costly interaction with web developers.

There are many benefits in using Backstage®, in particular its cost effectiveness and true content management ability, as it gives you quick and complete control over: Pages, Content, Images, Navigation, Subscribers, Newsletters, Products, Orders, Quote Requests, Files, Members, Secure Areas, Search Engine Tags and a lot more!

By allowing you to update and add an unlimited number of web pages, your Backstage® website provides a platform for easy website upgrades. With this secure, fast, multi-user system, you not only have a professional web presence for your business, but you can sell online as many products as you want and send out as many newsletters you need. You have 24/7 remote access to your website and the ability to automate business and sales processes makes your website work for you!

Partnered with Intervolve premium interface design services, your Backstage® website provides clear navigation, effective use of colour and fonts, balanced layout, concise page labelling - an entire custom solution that is effective and right for you!

If you are a small or medium sized business (SME) you’re probably aware of the trend towards online presence and business transactions - driven by much larger enterprises.

Backstage® has been developed to offer SME's the same competitive advantage as their larger corporate counterparts, but at a lower cost. So instead of being left behind you can now afford to join the revolution too!

01 Plan
We work with you to determine how your website should look, what it needs and the way it will function.

02 Design
Our graphic designers create a design that will offer you a competitive advantage within the marketplace.

03 Build
Our developers plug in Backstage® and make your website a reality.

04 Launch
We publish your content and when you’re ready, your website is released.

05 Expose
We assess and guide marketing strategies to ensure that your website is seen!

06 Manage
We host your website and provide initial training, manuals, and ongoing support for Backstage®.

Backstage can be applied to suit most businesses and their desired online needs. See what our Backstage System did for the Caravan and Camping Industries Association of South Australia, and further examples can be found in our client showcase.

If you have any questions or would like a demonstration in your office please contact us.