Client Testimonials

Business Spectator

Business Spectator is focused on business and finance news and commentary across dozens of industries and categories and providing that information as it happens, 24/7. Their main 'Spectators'; Alan Kohler, Robert Gottliebsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz (K.G.B) write in a similar fashion to when they were with the traditional news media ‐ however instead of writing once a day they now produce commentary several times per day. The commentary they provide about certain companies, legislation or pressures affecting individual or multiple sectors of the Australian Economy is written to reflect how that will bear on the Australian economy, other industries, companies and other national economies. The 'K.G.B' write about business issues of the day ‐ usually multiple times per day ‐ in a probing, thoughtful and thought provoking manner.

Right from the start it was important for us to know that our online business news site would load fast and able to withstand a very rapid increase in network traffic. I am very happy to report that Intervolve enabled us to serve web pages quickly, handling sudden spikes in demand seamlessly. Providing us with online traffic stats was a real bonus as this enabled us to predict and plan our growth better. In six months Business Spectator came in from nowhere and are now reported by Alexa as having a traffic rank of: 74,596.

Pieter Coetzee

IT Manager

Business Spectator Pty Ltd


Di Marca Pty Ltd

Di Marca works with companies, products and services to discover what sets them apart as a brand and help them make powerful connections with their audiences to build lasting consumer relationships and drive profitable growth. For Di Marca, your brand is your reputation. It's the total brand experience a company creates for its customers. Creating customers that rave about your brand is built over time from a foundation of clarity with brand communications, visual identity and activity that works seamlessly across all media.

Di Marca have placed the reliability and security of our online business ventures with Intervolve over the past seven years. We have always been made to feel like valued customers who are important to their business. Intervolve's world-class secure data centres in Australia give us the reassurance of local services and 24/7 support. This enables Di Marca to offer cost effective, high quality dedicated hosted solutions to our clients knowing we are backed by one of Australia’s best.

Steve Alley

Managing Director

Di Marca Brand Performance

enQuire / SEQ Catchments

enQuire is a web-based application to manage natural resource management activity and investment information in Queensland which was developed after Queensland Regional NRM Bodies and government agencies saw an excellent opportunity to use web portal technology to connect natural resource management organisations over Queensland to a common and secure online information resource.

In all our dealings with Intervolve we have found them to be professional, highly responsive and very knowledgeable. Our application requires high performance and fast access from users throughout rural and urban Queensland, as well as from Federal Government in Canberra. Due to the somewhat patchy nature of Queensland's internet infrastructure (entirely outside of Intervolve's control), we have experienced periodic difficulties in availability. Intervolve however have been proactive and worked closely with us on this, which has enabled us to overcome these problems.

Damien Zeller

enQuire Project Manager

SEQ Catchments

enQuire / SEQ Catchments (1)

In all our dealings with Intervolve we have found them to be professional, highly responsive and very knowledgeable. Our application requires high performance and fast access from users throughout rural and urban Queensland, as well as from Federal Government in Canberra. Due to the somewhat patchy nature of Queensland's internet infrastructure (entirely outside of Intervolve's control), we have experienced periodic difficulties in availability. Intervolve however have been proactive and worked closely with us on this, which has enabled us to overcome these problems.

Michael O'Connor

enQuire Java Enteprise Developer

SEQ Catchments

Eureka Report

Eureka Report is a specialist investment publication that is directed wholly to producing material designed to help people make more informed decisions when they're investing in Australia. Eureka Report content covers all the major asset classes and from time to time will include specific opinion about the possible short and long term benefits or risks being associated with specific companies within those asset classes. Eureka Report also includes content and opinion regarding many financial products, financial services, and financial structures available to investors today such as CFD's, LPT's, and the financial planning and advising industry. As a specialist organisation Eureka Report only publishes three times per week.

The ability to deliver emails on publishing days is mission critical for Eureka Report. Intervolve has been pro-active in alerting us when things go wrong and our subscriber mails could potentially land up being blacklisted. Intervolve enabled our reverse DNS lookups quickly and continue to provide useful advice and recommendations regarding the management of our server infrastructure.

Pieter Coetzee

IT Manager

Eureka Report Pty Ltd

Harness Racing Victoria

Harness Racing Victoria’s function is to administer, develop and promote the sport of Harness Racing in Victoria.

Our goals and key objectives are to create a vibrant and sustainable harness racing industry by:




  • Maximising Returns to participants.
  • Improving the product and brand.
  • Increasing harness wagering turnover and market share.
  • Building a business that is stronger and more financially viable.
  • Increasing the professionalism of the sport.

RISE & Harness Racing Victoria have been with Intervolve for approximately 5 years, providing us with Dual Power Racks and a Managed Network. Intervolve also provided the initial setup for our High Availability consulting and equipment for the Firewalls and Switching. I have always found their products and services to be of a very high standard. The support/engineering team understand our business and deliver exceptional service every time.

Damien Manion

General Manager

Racing Information Services Enterprise Pty Ltd

Lettuce Systems

Lettuce Systems is a business solutions company offering a unique suite of consulting services and software solutions. We bring a mix of solid experience, proven ability to execute and creativity that delivers results.

When you are in the business of delivering Hosted Solutions to your clients, your infrastructure can't be provided by just suppliers, your infrastructure people need to be partners. When we needed to get serious about our infrastructure we researched heavily and settled on Intervolve. With Intervolve as a partner we are miles ahead on so many fronts. Not only do they have extremely reliable, secure and fast infrastructure, but above all they listened to our requirements and delivered a solution that met our needs now and into the future. Unlike some of their competition, Intervolve have been responsive to our needs with honest and frank communication, competent technical support and proactive account management. If you need to count on your infrastructure, you can count on Intervolve.

Angus Booker

Managing Director

Lettuce Systems Pty Ltd

Lightbox Films

My name is Gary Freitas and I run a Sydney based production company called Lightbox Films that produces video content that we deliver globally online. About 12 months ago we went looking for a web hosting provider to help stream our videos and found a range to choose from both in the US and Australia. We came across Intervolve and found that they provided the best customer service by far in reply to our enquiries and their technical knowledge was fantastic in trying to ascertain our needs. Despite this however, at the time we decided to go with a US based company mainly because we were assured that their speed and relative cost would be better. Fast forward 10 months and after much trouble with the US based service and consistent poor download and streaming speeds we decided it was time to move on. Without hesitation the first call I made was to Intervolve (who even remembered who I was from a year earlier) and they catered a custom server package to host our online applications and streaming video platform. Less than a week later our new server was up and running and the best part was that not only did they end up being 65% cheaper than our previous off shore provider but after doing a side-by-side comparison of our streaming video speeds with the new Intervolve solution it proved to be 6 times faster at providing our content to our customers. If only for that reason I can't recommend highly enough the technical expertise, after sales support and sheer performance of Intervolve, their people and their servers, they have definitely given our business a new life line and our clients have also noticed the dramatic difference in our product which tells us we not only made the smart choice but the right choice.

Gary Freitas


Lightbox Films Pty Ltd

MarketSource International

MarketSource International provides portable financial markets data products across the globe, delivering live futures, forex, commodities, equities and market news to bank dealers and brokers. As well as banking and corporate clients, many thousands of private traders who trade futures, forex and equities rely on our products as portable trading tools.


The success of our business is dependant upon the reliability of our technology infrastructure and service. Intervolve is an important partner that continuously delivers a high quality, dependable and reliable service that meets MarketSource's hosting requirements. The staff of Intervolve always provide MarketSource operations with timely, professional and friendly service. MarketSource considers Intervolve as an important partner in its ability to deliver high quality services and solutions to its global markets.

Peter Frank-Rath

Operations Manager

MarketSource International Pty Ltd

Mining Industry Skills Centre

Moving our servers to Intervolve was the best thing we’ve ever done with our system. We’ve had zero unplanned downtime over the last year and our user satisfaction has reached unprecedented levels, in fact I am not aware of a single complaint that has been made since the system was brought over to their services.

Stephen Grant

Specialist IT & Development

Mining Industry Skills Centre, QLD

OzLotteries is the exclusive distributor of lottery products via the Internet on behalf of leading Australian lottery exporters, TMS Global Services Pty Ltd and TMS New South Wales. TMS is Australia's largest exporter of lottery products with over 500,000 customers being serviced in over 40 countries. TMS distributes lottery products worldwide via mail-order and as a direct lottery service partner for a number of Asian and South Pacific nations.

We have been customers of Intervolve for over a year, using both their dedicated servers and colocation facilities. We have always been very happy with the quality of service, the level of support and their quick response times. I strongly recommend Intervolve to anyone looking for a fast, reliable and well supported hosting company.

Xavier Bergade

Technical Operations


Punters Paradise

Providing punters with form guides and betting tools is only the beginning - it's the social platform and tipping system that helps Punters Paradise stand out from the crowd. Traditionally punters have been paying for services online such as form guides and black book services but Punters Paradise jumped on board with the new development approach for websites, building frameworks rather than delivering content.

We’ve been operating our web, email and back-end applications within Intervolve (co-location) for over 3 years now. The service, reliability and communication from their technical team, all the way through to sales team has been exceptional. Prior to Intervolve we (painfully) hosted with 2 other leading Australian hosting providers only to experience significant service interruptions and bad service. Dealing with Intervolve was a very refreshing change and undoubtable one of the smartest infrastructure decisions we made. Due to our extremely high load placed on our systems over the Melbourne Cup period the technical team has always provided us with helpful advice and hands on assistance to deal with this very unique needs within our business. If anybody ever has a need to host web services within Australia I wouldn’t look past any other web hosting company.

Luc Pettett

Managing Director

Punters Paradise

Purely Promotions

Purely Promotions is an ambitious, dynamic promotional products company based right here in Australia. We have been in the business of producing high quality branded items for the promotional needs of Australian companies for several years, and we are successful because of our superior customer service and our tireless commitment to our clients’ satisfaction. Purely Promotions offers you one of the largest varieties of promotional products in Australia, and we guarantee we can make you purely happy with your promotional products every time.

Intervolve has provided our company with hosting and support systems that have far exceeded our expectations. When researching a trusted and well proven hosting company we found that Intervolve had the fundamental experience that we were looking for. Ecommerce sites require special attention to detail when and Intervolve provided us with great pricing, service and met with all of our requirements. We have no hesitation in recommending Intervolve to ANY business or company who are looking for Specialised Hosting Solutions with an outstanding support team to back it up. I appreciated and praise Intervolve for their service and support they have provided our team and look forward to a long and trusted relationship.

Kyle R Smith

Owner / Director

Purely Promotions Australia

RockSolid Consulting

RockSolid Consulting specialises in content management. Based on this area of expertise, we design, develop and deploy intranets and custom designed websites that are easy to navigate and simple for our clients to update. Our clients include a number of companies with offices in more than 50 countries, which demands around the clock availability.

We switched our hosting platform to Intervolve because we were seeking a service that was more flexible than what we’d previously experienced. We were looking for a package that could accommodate the changes we required to support our growing business. Intervolve has more than delivered in terms of flexibility. They have also surpassed our expectations in terms of their responsiveness and their willingness to assist when we needed help. The reliability of their hosting platform is exceptional and I recommend Intervolve whenever hosting matters.

Sean Mullin

Managing Director

RockSolid Consulting

Riskman International

RiskMan International is Australia’s leading supplier of Risk & Incident Management Systems to the Australian healthcare sector, including clients in both private and public arenas nationally and internationally.

In servicing the hosting needs of several high profile clients, we sought a premium-level data centre with the ability to host our applications securely in a facility that could provide high grade encrypted data links, as well as local infrastructure management, database replication, and data redundancy. Transport and data layer security were of great importance, due to the strict control requirements of our clients, though we did not wish to sacrifice ease of access by RiskMan International technical staff. The Intervolve Sales and Technical/Support teams were able to tailor a complete solution for us whereby we had full access to hardware firewalls, Replication setup, and full server access. RiskMan International has been extremely satisfied with the responsiveness and assistance of Intervolve at all stages throughout our projects.

Scott Esler

Managing Director

RiskMan International


RUCC has been providing high quality business broadband solutions since 1995. Originally "The Really Useful Communications Company", RUCC is well positioned to deliver effective business grade solutions and has been working with the Internet since 1993 for clients including Telstra, Macromedia, JB Were and many others.

We have found Intervolve to be both cost effective and a pleasure to work with. We now see our relationship as a partnership. Intervolve's approach to solving problems has been responsive and insightful. Initially there were some minor problems with our software services and thanks to their expertise and help we've been able to get everything working just the way we want. We look forward to working with them on future projects.

Edward Borland

Technical Director

RUCC Pty Ltd

SPAMfighter ApS

SPAMfighter, Europe's leading anti spam developer, protects over 4.42 million users from over 220 countries/areas and is based in Denmark (Scandinavia). SPAMfighter was founded and is owned by Henrik Sørensen, Martin Thorborg (founders of Jubii - Denmark's largest Internet Portal, now part of the Lycos Europe Network), Daniel Hjortholt and Martin Dyring (both very experienced developers).

The reason that we initially chose intervolve was the diversity in points of presence (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney) enabling us to cover the majority of Australia through a single provider. Since then we have been happy to learn that intervolve can actually honour their SLA and provide excellent responsiveness in support matters.

Martin Dyring-Andersen

SPAMfighter ApS



The TeleMedCare Service (TMS) is a comprehensive solution for the management of chronic disease, such as congestive heart failure, lung disease or diabetes, at home or in residential care facilities. The data collected is returned to a central point for easy access by the care team.

Intervolve provide an economical and extremely reliable server colocation service in state-of-the-art datacentres. Their sales and support staff are professional, efficient and exceptionally knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend Intervolve to anyone in need of hosting services.

Neil McKenzie

Technical Operations

Telemedcare Pty Ltd

ThoughtWare Australia

ThoughtWare are developers of award winning i.on my® cornerstone solutions. The i.on my® solutions are a unique, innovative range of compliance and competency solutions targeting the child care, school and aged care sectors. ThoughtWare also provides software to government, educational institutions, corporates and SMEs, as well as the biotechnology and scientific sectors.

As a provider of SAAS/Cloud software to key industries (aged care, acute hospitals) it is critical that we can rely on our server provider. I am delighted to say after going through a series of other providers (3 in 2 years) we now simply rely on Intervolve and they deliver. We swapped our server provider after experiencing problems with another hosting provider to Intervolve in March 2010, at that time we had a pressing need to transfer multiple clients and sensitive data swiftly. The setup and migration process with Intervolve was incredibly smooth and exceeded my expectations. In addition, Intervolve responded to our sense of urgency and had us (and all our clients) back online in an optimum timeframe. "We love Intervolve. We have tried three other providers in the past including well known giants. We find Intervolve perfect, always quick to respond, understanding, easy to deal with and reliable. Intervolve understand the business they are in." Since moving to Intervolve we have not experienced any issues; the technology works, uptime is consistent and reliable, capacity at levels required, access secure and service smooth. Intervolve has made our life easier.

Sonja Bernhardt OAM

Medal of the Order of Australia for services to information technology, A Who's Who In Queensland, Who's Who in Tasmania, Who's Who of Australian Women and First Australian inducted into the Hall of Fame for Women in Technology International

Chief Executive Officer

ThoughtWare Australia Pty Ltd


Valegro is a web design company operating in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia. As a small company we required access to an affordable, stable and reliable data centre to host our web servers in order to provide easy-to-use web publishing systems for small and medium sized primarily in the publishing and education market sectors. Valegro creates original, custom designed graphics, building and hosting websites with a unique look and feel, which is valued by our clients.

I have been very impressed with Intervolve from day one. In our 24/7 online business minutes and seconds count. I am thus Very happy to report that Intervolve's level of support has been outstanding with replies to any emails and queries being always within the hour! I do not hesitate in recommending Intervolve to companies that require dedicated server hosting. Thanks to all at Intervolve in being so professional and offering such a valuable service.

Pieter Coetzee


Valegro Pty Ltd

We Manage I.T.

We Manage IT is an established and growing IT support and IT consulting business located in Geelong, Australia. We specialise in delivering professional Computer Services and IT services to a wide range of small to medium business in the region. We can help you with all your Information Technology needs including setting up your servers and workstations, cloud services, network services and backup disaster recovery.

We Manage IT's philosophy is simple - "IT Management doesn't need to be difficult or complex - with proper management your IT system should work seamlessly and the business owner can focus on their core business activities"

We Manage I.T. has been delivering quality IT solutions to our customers for a many years now leveraging Intervolve's co-location services. Intervolve's services are world class, both in terms of facilities and support. We have been very impressed with the level of technical knowledge of the Intervolve team, who have always taken ownership of any issues that have arisen and ensured that they were dealt with quickly and professionally. The network and facilities services provided by Intervolve have exceeded our expectations and provided a solid and reliable platform for us to build our services. We would definitely recommend Intervolve to any business looking for reliable hosting solutions.

Daniel Cole

Technical Services Manager

We Manage I.T. Pty Ltd