Business Spectator

Business Spectator is focused on business and finance news and commentary across dozens of industries and categories and providing that information as it happens, 24/7. Their main 'Spectators'; Alan Kohler, Robert Gottliebsen and Stephen Bartholomeusz (K.G.B) write in a similar fashion to when they were with the traditional news media ‐ however instead of writing once a day they now produce commentary several times per day. The commentary they provide about certain companies, legislation or pressures affecting individual or multiple sectors of the Australian Economy is written to reflect how that will bear on the Australian economy, other industries, companies and other national economies. The 'K.G.B' write about business issues of the day ‐ usually multiple times per day ‐ in a probing, thoughtful and thought provoking manner.

Right from the start it was important for us to know that our online business news site would load fast and able to withstand a very rapid increase in network traffic. I am very happy to report that Intervolve enabled us to serve web pages quickly, handling sudden spikes in demand seamlessly. Providing us with online traffic stats was a real bonus as this enabled us to predict and plan our growth better. In six months Business Spectator came in from nowhere and are now reported by Alexa as having a traffic rank of: 74,596.

Pieter Coetzee

IT Manager

Business Spectator Pty Ltd