Eureka Report

Eureka Report is a specialist investment publication that is directed wholly to producing material designed to help people make more informed decisions when they're investing in Australia. Eureka Report content covers all the major asset classes and from time to time will include specific opinion about the possible short and long term benefits or risks being associated with specific companies within those asset classes. Eureka Report also includes content and opinion regarding many financial products, financial services, and financial structures available to investors today such as CFD's, LPT's, and the financial planning and advising industry. As a specialist organisation Eureka Report only publishes three times per week.

The ability to deliver emails on publishing days is mission critical for Eureka Report. Intervolve has been pro-active in alerting us when things go wrong and our subscriber mails could potentially land up being blacklisted. Intervolve enabled our reverse DNS lookups quickly and continue to provide useful advice and recommendations regarding the management of our server infrastructure.

Pieter Coetzee

IT Manager

Eureka Report Pty Ltd