Harness Racing Victoria

Harness Racing Victoria’s function is to administer, develop and promote the sport of Harness Racing in Victoria.

Our goals and key objectives are to create a vibrant and sustainable harness racing industry by:




  • Maximising Returns to participants.
  • Improving the product and brand.
  • Increasing harness wagering turnover and market share.
  • Building a business that is stronger and more financially viable.
  • Increasing the professionalism of the sport.

RISE & Harness Racing Victoria have been with Intervolve for approximately 5 years, providing us with Dual Power Racks and a Managed Network. Intervolve also provided the initial setup for our High Availability consulting and equipment for the Firewalls and Switching. I have always found their products and services to be of a very high standard. The support/engineering team understand our business and deliver exceptional service every time.

Damien Manion

General Manager

Racing Information Services Enterprise Pty Ltd