Lightbox Films

My name is Gary Freitas and I run a Sydney based production company called Lightbox Films that produces video content that we deliver globally online. About 12 months ago we went looking for a web hosting provider to help stream our videos and found a range to choose from both in the US and Australia. We came across Intervolve and found that they provided the best customer service by far in reply to our enquiries and their technical knowledge was fantastic in trying to ascertain our needs. Despite this however, at the time we decided to go with a US based company mainly because we were assured that their speed and relative cost would be better. Fast forward 10 months and after much trouble with the US based service and consistent poor download and streaming speeds we decided it was time to move on. Without hesitation the first call I made was to Intervolve (who even remembered who I was from a year earlier) and they catered a custom server package to host our online applications and streaming video platform. Less than a week later our new server was up and running and the best part was that not only did they end up being 65% cheaper than our previous off shore provider but after doing a side-by-side comparison of our streaming video speeds with the new Intervolve solution it proved to be 6 times faster at providing our content to our customers. If only for that reason I can't recommend highly enough the technical expertise, after sales support and sheer performance of Intervolve, their people and their servers, they have definitely given our business a new life line and our clients have also noticed the dramatic difference in our product which tells us we not only made the smart choice but the right choice.

Gary Freitas


Lightbox Films Pty Ltd