Riskman International

RiskMan International is Australia’s leading supplier of Risk & Incident Management Systems to the Australian healthcare sector, including clients in both private and public arenas nationally and internationally.

In servicing the hosting needs of several high profile clients, we sought a premium-level data centre with the ability to host our applications securely in a facility that could provide high grade encrypted data links, as well as local infrastructure management, database replication, and data redundancy. Transport and data layer security were of great importance, due to the strict control requirements of our clients, though we did not wish to sacrifice ease of access by RiskMan International technical staff. The Intervolve Sales and Technical/Support teams were able to tailor a complete solution for us whereby we had full access to hardware firewalls, Replication setup, and full server access. RiskMan International has been extremely satisfied with the responsiveness and assistance of Intervolve at all stages throughout our projects.

Scott Esler

Managing Director

RiskMan International