Email Only Hosting

If you want to reduce inbound spam, increase virus protection, or are running an application based server, our range of email only hosting plans will suit all your requirements. In addition to exceptionally high disk space for serving your mail, you're also covered by our 99.9% SLA - all on local servers in Australia. 


Your mail will be filtered in a variety of methods to ensure spam is deleting without affecting the messages that are important to you. Your mail will undergo a vigorous combination of reverse DNS black listing, embedded URL link black listing, bayesian filtering as well as be passed through our Spam Assassin auto learning spam email software. 


If your email is not picked up as spam, this will then be checked for embedded virii and attachments with scanning software such as Sophos and ClamAV. What this means is that very few spam messages arrive at your mail box.

  Email Lite Email Mid Email Pro
Uptime SLA 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Disk Space 50MB 100MB 200MB
Email Accounts 5 10 20
DNS Hosting
Control Panel
Email Aliases
Spam Filtering  
Virus Blocking  
Email Forwards  
Auto Responders  
Mailing Lists  
IMAP Server  
Outgoing SMTP      
Initial Setup Free Free Free
Price per Year $80 $160 $240
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