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Intervolve have been developing a nation-wide network with solutions aimed at meeting your needs for today and tomorrow.


9 datacentres  data centres 

We have a network of 9 data centres and have coverage all across Australia.


We're busy investing in our network to ensure it remains at the forefront of technology and for the highest quality.  We are constantly refreshing hardware and technologies to ensure we are driving innovative ways to provide services to you.  We use and promote hyperconverged technology and our network has been refreshed to 40Gbps core in most our data centres, with the final ones to follow soon.


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We're also refreshing transit links and partnering with vendors such as MegaPort, Fortinet, Lenovo, VEEAM, Dell EMC and others to ensure our solutions are best of breed.


We know your requirements are unique.  We know to get the best results you need a solution that delivers real outcomes to your business.  Talk to one of our friendly consultants today to see how we can provide solutions tailored for you or contact us here.