Intervolve Data Centre - Brisbane


Syncom BNE is currently a Tier II compliant facility, with ample off street parking and full 24/7 access to equipment in the facility via proximity card readers.

The data centre facilities provide N+1 redundancy to achieve high availability hosting requirements for primary production and with the location being 2.0km from Brisbane CBD and less than 15 minutes from BNE Airport, is also appropriate as a secondary Disaster Recovery site. 

With ample expansion areas, this facility is able to provide security conscious solutions with individual secure racks, caged areas and private suites in either standard or high density requirements.

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Data Centre Basics

  • Data Centre Location: Finchley Street, Milton, Brisbane
  • Secure Racks Used: APC AR3100 (1070mm)
  • Power Distribution Units: APC 32A Switched & Metered
  • 300m2 technical space

Power Specifications

  • N+1 Power Supply
  • A+B Feeds
  • N+1 UPS Systems,
  • 1x 550KVA diesel generator

Controlled Environment

  • N+1 cooling via Stulz CRAC units in controlled air environment.
  • 10KW Stulz CRAC units in N+1 configuration supplying cold air to the front of the rack cabinets via underfloor air distribution.
  • CRAC units keep facility at 23.5 degrees celsius and 50% relative humidity at all times

Fire Detection and Suppression

  • VESDA Fire Detection
  • FM200 Gas Suppression System

Data Centre Security & Access

  • Intrusion detection on all doors.
  • 24/7 monitoring & security, access control lists, proximity card access.
  • Ample off street parking

Service Level Agreement

 99.9 - 99.99% Power, Air


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