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May 2018 - Cloud computing sticker shock is now a monthly occurrence at many companies

Cloud Computing sticker shock

Cloud computing sticker shock is now a monthly occurrence at many companies

Interesting to see the article below - we are seeing this with lots of clients who move to cloud - unless there is a model that is architected right and doesn't have excess in it - like the ones from Intervolve. As with lots of things - buyer beware!!

Read the full article here: 

May 2018 - Is your website secure?

Don’t have an SSL? Google has made some changes that you should know about!

With so many internet security breaches recently, the web (in this case, Google) are implementing extra measures to protect sensitive data. Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.

So, what is an SSL and do I need to worry?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is used to encrypt data between your web browser and the server. If your website takes text inputs in the form of login panels, contact forms, search bars, then its important you consider SSL. This will ensure that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

What does this mean for my website?

Data sent using HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is secured via Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS), which provides three key layers of protection:

Encryption—encrypting the exchanged data to keep it secure from eavesdroppers. That means that while the user is browsing a website, nobody can "listen" to their conversations, track their activities across multiple pages, or steal their information.

Data integrity—data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer, intentionally or otherwise, without being detected.

Authentication—proves that your users communicate with the intended website. It protects against man-in-the-middle attacks and builds user trust, which translates into other business benefits.

In Chrome 68, the omnibox will display “Not secure” for all HTTP pages.


You can read more about the recent announcement earlier this year here

What are the SSL's that we can provide?

There are a range of different SSL providers out there, some considerations must be undertaken as to what might suit your website and needs. 

Some of the considerations for an SSL provider should include: 

- Up to 256bit
- Encryption Algorithm
- Email Support Only
- Warranty
- GeoTrust Dynamic Secured Seal Trustmark

As well as an additional feature such as Extended Valuation (Green Bar) which helps provide peace of mind for website visitors to know that the site is safe:


In addition to this there is great value in adding  secure Daily Malware Scanning.

To find out more please visit our SSL Page

When Should I Switch to SHA-2?

SHA-2 was created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to replace SHA-1 after mathematical weaknesses were discovered in the algorithm. For the past few years, network security experts have warned that certificates using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm will soon be in danger of being hacked due to consistent advancements in computing technology.

Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft have already started phasing out trust for SHA-1 SSL Certificates. Chrome shows SHA-1 warnings for sites using SHA-1 certificates. Administrators who have not yet replaced their SHA-1 certificates with SHA-2 certificates should start making the switch now. 

Administrators should consider the impact this update could have on and plan for the following:

- Hardware compatible with SHA-2 
- Server software updates supporting SHA-2
- Client software support for SHA-2
- Custom application support for SHA-2

Intervolve strongly recommends that you accelerate SHA-2 deployment where possible and prepare to fully migrate your environment to SHA-2, If you have any questions or need help with your migration, please contact our support team on 1300 664 574. 

Website owners need to act now!

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the above please Contact us today for details! 


13th July 2017 - Why Australian companies reverse out of the cloud

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A superb article about why companies back out of the cloud. Buyer beware - lack of provider skills, lack of investment, non-fixed price contracts (where you get bill shock), lack of integration ability or over subscription of services all make for a disaster in the making. With our Intervolve data centre and cloud services we have had many clients who left because of cheaper "sticker prices" come back due to one of the above. Mostly bill shock!

Well worth a read...

CRN: Why Australian companies reverse out of the cloud


02nd March 2017 - Lessons from the AWS outage

An interesting story about the dangers of having all your eggs in one basket! From our Intervolve data centre point of view there is a clear point of alternative data centres around Australia. It's interesting how much this conversation is gaining traction.  With data centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth there is a clear quality and locally supported solution that you can engage with.

 Lessons from teh AWS outage

14th December 2016 - Intervolve featured in Fortinet Case Study

Fortinet Logo

We are pleased to announce the global leader in IT Security solutions, Fortinet has recently featured Intervolve as a case study on it's featured customers page. The case study is titled "Securing MSSP's growth trajectory in the Australian marketplace", and features an interview with Paul Vinton, CEO of Intervolve. This is a great global story about the start of some of the innovative things Intervolve are doing to place us at the forefront of datacentre, cloud and security in Australia


Read the full case study and interview [PDF].



29th September 2016 - SA Power Outage Event – One in 50 Year Storm – Intervolve Data Centre performs without disruption



On Wednesday 28th September 2016 the Intervolve Data Centre continued with NO down time despite a state-wide power outage. South Australia was battered by two tornadoes which destroyed three elements of critical power infrastructure that resulted in 1.7 million residents losing power across metropolitan and rural areas.

The Intervolve Pooraka data centre, was built with UPS filtered battery backup protection, complemented with diesel fuel generation to ensure power provision remains unaffected during a disaster. Shortly after 4.00pm CST, the area lost power and ran on diesel generator supply until after 11.00pm CST. Additional brownouts and fluctuations were filtered by the enterprise class UPS and battery backup systems .

The power outage also affected state telecommunications networks that despite having battery-backup power, only lasted for a certain period of time. Intervolve’s mission-critical Managed Network continued to operate throughout the storm and the power loss, due to being connected to several redundant network providers.

Through the effective design of the data centre and its network services, regular maintenance and onsite staff, Intervolve successfully continued the operations of its National & International clientele based out of its Adelaide head-quarters.

Have you considered outsourcing and relocating your critical IT infrastructure into a local data centre? Please speak to our sales team concerning your enquiry. 

February 2016 - Vintek acquires Intervolve

Vintek, the Australian based and Australian owned IT consulting firm has acquired Intervolve.


Read the article on CRN: IT provider Vintek boosts data centre firepower with Intervolve acquisition

Read the article on the Advertiser: Vintek to buy Intervolve

29th October 2013 - Intervolve Wins SA Deal with Australian IT Leader

Datacom has selected the expanded Intervolve Data Centre to implement its cloud services node for the SA region. As a co-hosting location, Intervolve will also support dedicated private infrastructure and the stand-alone environments essential to enterprise level data governance. Infrastructure investment has placed Intervolve in a strong position to guarantee technology uptime and business continuity. Together with a robust security focus and failsafe systems, these service hallmarks will prove compliance critical to Datacom’s award-winning cloud services and best practice data management. As part of this arrangement Intervolve will become a hosting co-location, accommodating the specialist applications used in Customer-Made Cloud Solutions and exclusive infrastructure supported by Datacom Managed Services. This alliance has been forged at a time when both businesses are embarking on major market development initiatives. Already one of Adelaide’s largest data sites, The Intervolve wholly owned data centre is poised for growth with an expansion-ready 300 rack capacity.

Cloud businesses will enjoy the added reassurance their data is stored beyond Adelaide’s 100 year flood plain. Intervolve guards critical information with advanced security and can also enable sophisticated disaster recovery features if required. As a top tier Australian cloud provider*, the Datacom South Australian cloud hosting node demands commitment to global service standards and enterprise-class security. Its reputation for swift provision time, purpose-built solutions and robust service levels consistently attract clients of significance. So Datacom seeks only partnerships meeting these imperatives.

Technology giants such as Trend Micro, SAP and QlikTech already support the delivery of Datacom cloud services. This partnership has positioned Intervolve amongst those market leaders.

* Longhaus Cloud Pulse Report, 2012 – ranks Datacom a top 3 provider


  • About Intervolve

  • Intervolve answers business-critical requirements of electronic data and cloud technology, with best of breed solutions tailored to customer and partner needs. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Adelaide, Intervolve boasts Australia-wide service capability. Intervolve took early leadership of hardware and software solutions
    for online commerce and remains at the technology forefront. Intervolve has diversified with the evolving commercial landscape with services that encompass a balanced scorecard of leading web-based solutions. Blending digital innovation, extensive experience, and strategic partnerships, Intervolve capacity spans a full spectrum including:

  • Data Centre Services
    Cloud Hosting Solutions
    VPS Virtual Servers
    Server Colocation
    Network Security
    Managed Services

  • Intervolve has earned a reputation for strong business continuity, guaranteed uptime and high performance managed solutions. Recent investment in a wholly owned data centre has further strengthened the ability to provide complete solutions to an ever more technology-reliant clientele.




About Datacom

With 3600 people, Datacom is one of Australasia’s largest professional IT services companies. Datacom is 100% New Zealand owned with revenues of AU$715 million and extensive expertise in the operation of data centres, the provision of IT services, software engineering and application management, payroll and business process
outsourcing. Founded in 1965 and operating across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Datacom has a successful 48 year trading history of consistent growth, profitability and a track record of delivering innovative, value-for-money technology-based solutions, with many clients in relationships spanning decades.


[PDF version available]

03rd July 2013 - Intervolve Announces Data Centre Expansion & Building Purchase

Australian based hosting provider Intervolve has announced the purchase of the building and undergoing construction of the DC2 Data Centre within its Adelaide data centre facility.

Since first releasing its Tier 2 Adelaide DC1 Data Centre in January 2011, Intervolve has been committed to providing exceptional quality data centre services in Adelaide at affordable prices. The existing data centre facilities provide N+1 redundancy to achieve high availability hosting requirements for primary production and with the location being 12kms outside Adelaide CBD is also appropriate use by clients as a secondary Disaster Recovery site.

With data space in the first DC1 Data Centre nearing capacity at this site, construction of the DC2 Data Centre is currently in progress, which caters for an additional 150 secure rack cabinets, at load densities of up to 30KW for high density service provision and 2.4KW - 7.2KW in standard density service provision. With the release of the new Adelaide DC2 data centre, Intervolve will continue in providing locally managed and unmanaged data centre services, network services, colocation, dedicated servers, vps servers and other cloud hosting services.

As testament in personal and business commitment toward client services, the Intervolve's Managing Director has purchased the entire site comprising some 2400m building and 4700m land. This was deemed a necessity to further mitigate risks for Intervolve and its clients, with the continued investment into this data centre location. The data centre features green technology, has ample power and fibre capacity, and the site does not appear in 1 in 100 year flooding plans, items which are particularly required to host critical business systems, amongst many others that Intervolve is able to satisfy from this site.

With ample expansion areas, this facility is able to provide flexible and security conscious solutions with individual secure racks, caged areas private suites in either standard or high density requirements. Intervolve can accommodate all levels of client requirements, and is gaining rapid pace as a premium Hosting Solutions provider.



June 2010 - Intervolve Announces New Adelaide Data Centre

Australian based hosting provider Intervolve has announced the release of its new 1200 square metre Adelaide data centre facility to be completed in September 2010.


With the release of the new Adelaide data centre, Intervolve will continue providing locally managed and unmanaged data centre services, network services, colocation, dedicated servers, vps servers and other hosting services. The northern suburbs data centre is set to become a perfect site for primary mission critical hosting and with its proximity 12kms to the Adelaide CBD is a suitable choice as a disaster recovery site.

We are currently focusing on South Australia where our business began, in order to allow SA-based firms to be provided with similar, redundant services at reasonable pricing points as per our other site locations in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

With ample power supply, the new data centre will provide standard power density to racks of between 2.4KW – 5KW in our standard data centre suites. Modular release of data centre space in our facility will allow the provision of secure data centre suites being constructed for individual clients that require increased security, higher power density and other features deemed necessary. We have drawn upon the professional experience from experts who have a proven track record building many of Australia's data centre sites and thus our selection of suppliers, contractors and specialist consultants ensures that this facility will be a performing and reliable option.

What can be expected in relation to the Green credentials of this site? We have planned services for power efficiency, allowing for power factor correction to reduce power utilisation, employing Emicon “free-cooling” chiller systems to reduce power utilisation and have further spent time in research exploring the possible future provision of natural-gas generators as an alternative form of power for our data centre services.

Network connectivity will be available through Intervolve’s managed network offering partnering with fibre provider Amcom which is anticipated to complete a diverse fibre run into the facility. The Intervolve managed network service will combine our existing King William Street POP with additional Amcom transit as part of our soon to be upgraded South Australian multi-homed network. We are further expecting additional data carriage to be terminated into the data centre in future by other carriers, however it made sense to work with Amcom to ensure that clients could obtain reliable, cost-effective fibre products and services. No expense has been spared, with licensed microwave services also being installed to provide alternate paths of communication, providing additional redundancy in network service provision to our clients.

APC has also been chosen as the preferred vendor with the data centre employing redundant UPS systems, air-conditioning systems, rack enclosures and smart power distribution units. APC products are manufactured at a very high quality and have resulted in great feedback from our existing clients; thus it was an obvious choice for us to seek the same provision for our new Adelaide site.

Nearing the centre’s debut, the sales department has also been a hive of activity. According to our sales department, enquiries from local SA-based firms have steadily increased, as a result of unofficial grapevine news spreading to potential clients, keen to bring interstate-hosted infrastructure closer or upgrade their disaster recovery provisions. With a great deal of Adelaide facilities being close to either physical or power capacity, several Australian ISP’s have expressed interest in upgrading their infrastructure.

With the significant growth and client support of its services across Australia, Intervolve is set to shake up the South Australian market with its strong demand for its popular services, reliable performance and competitive pricing.


December 2008 - Recharge Batteries in Anticipation of 2009

We extend our sincerest wishes for your Christmas and New Year’s period and are eagerly looking forward in continuing to serve your needs next year.

2008 has been an enormous year for Intervolve with continuing growth across Australia and we appreciate your support! The Christmas & New Year break will give us the opportunity to recharge our batteries for an even bigger year in 2009 that will continue in establishing Intervolve as one of Australia's major providers of Specialised Hosting Solutions.

Our offices will be closed from COB Friday 19th December 2008 through to Monday 5th January 2008. All primary network & hosting services will continue in being monitored for the duration of the festive season, with support staff available to assist with any emergency support requests. Any new sales & provisioning requests will be fulfilled after the 7th of January.

November 2008 - Intervolve Port Melbourne Data Centre

With a high demand and short supply of quality managed server, colocation, and data centre services within the Melbourne market, Intervolve has been finalising our new Port Melbourne Data Centre facility, with the first release of secure rack space being made available for customer use on the 1st of December, 2008.

We are excited to announce this new service offering and it will be a valuable addition to data centre services within Melbourne for organisations that are seeking flexible growth without excessive restrictions on power draw.

Our new facility provides a multi-homed data network delivered through connections to Optus, AAPT, PIPE Networks, and with additional transit providers being terminated directly into the data centre facility over the coming months, our data centre will accommodate growth and connectivity requirements of our clients.

Coupled with our online security, network management, virtualisation and server management services, Intervolve can accommodate all levels of client requirements, and is gaining rapid pace as a premium Specialised Hosting Solutions provider.

For further information about our new Port Melbourne Data Centre facility, please click here.

October 2008 - Intervolve Security & Compliance Manager

To meet with the growing number of clients that have requirements for compliance with ISO security standards and legislative requirements for their hosting solutions, Intervolve has appointed Benjamin Baran as the Intervolve Security & Compliance Manager.

Benjamin has 20 years experience in the technical delivery and management of Information Technology and telecommunications solutions. Of these, 10 years were with the Australian government in security classified positions. In addition, Benjamin has worked in consulting roles as a systems architect and advisor to industries that include healthcare, Australian Government and Australian Universities.

Over the past 6 years he has specialised in the analysis, design and deployment of secure communications infrastructure with a focus on perimeter network security, content filtering and mobile data communications. Within these roles he has deployed systems that adhere to ISO17799 standards, and Australian government ACSI33 and PSM guidelines.