03rd July 2013 - Intervolve Announces Data Centre Expansion & Building Purchase

Australian based hosting provider Intervolve has announced the purchase of the building and undergoing construction of the DC2 Data Centre within its Adelaide data centre facility.

Since first releasing its Tier 2 Adelaide DC1 Data Centre in January 2011, Intervolve has been committed to providing exceptional quality data centre services in Adelaide at affordable prices. The existing data centre facilities provide N+1 redundancy to achieve high availability hosting requirements for primary production and with the location being 12kms outside Adelaide CBD is also appropriate use by clients as a secondary Disaster Recovery site.

With data space in the first DC1 Data Centre nearing capacity at this site, construction of the DC2 Data Centre is currently in progress, which caters for an additional 150 secure rack cabinets, at load densities of up to 30KW for high density service provision and 2.4KW - 7.2KW in standard density service provision. With the release of the new Adelaide DC2 data centre, Intervolve will continue in providing locally managed and unmanaged data centre services, network services, colocation, dedicated servers, vps servers and other cloud hosting services.

As testament in personal and business commitment toward client services, the Intervolve's Managing Director has purchased the entire site comprising some 2400m building and 4700m land. This was deemed a necessity to further mitigate risks for Intervolve and its clients, with the continued investment into this data centre location. The data centre features green technology, has ample power and fibre capacity, and the site does not appear in 1 in 100 year flooding plans, items which are particularly required to host critical business systems, amongst many others that Intervolve is able to satisfy from this site.

With ample expansion areas, this facility is able to provide flexible and security conscious solutions with individual secure racks, caged areas private suites in either standard or high density requirements. Intervolve can accommodate all levels of client requirements, and is gaining rapid pace as a premium Hosting Solutions provider.