29th October 2013 - Intervolve Wins SA Deal with Australian IT Leader

Datacom has selected the expanded Intervolve Data Centre to implement its cloud services node for the SA region. As a co-hosting location, Intervolve will also support dedicated private infrastructure and the stand-alone environments essential to enterprise level data governance. Infrastructure investment has placed Intervolve in a strong position to guarantee technology uptime and business continuity. Together with a robust security focus and failsafe systems, these service hallmarks will prove compliance critical to Datacom’s award-winning cloud services and best practice data management. As part of this arrangement Intervolve will become a hosting co-location, accommodating the specialist applications used in Customer-Made Cloud Solutions and exclusive infrastructure supported by Datacom Managed Services. This alliance has been forged at a time when both businesses are embarking on major market development initiatives. Already one of Adelaide’s largest data sites, The Intervolve wholly owned data centre is poised for growth with an expansion-ready 300 rack capacity.

Cloud businesses will enjoy the added reassurance their data is stored beyond Adelaide’s 100 year flood plain. Intervolve guards critical information with advanced security and can also enable sophisticated disaster recovery features if required. As a top tier Australian cloud provider*, the Datacom South Australian cloud hosting node demands commitment to global service standards and enterprise-class security. Its reputation for swift provision time, purpose-built solutions and robust service levels consistently attract clients of significance. So Datacom seeks only partnerships meeting these imperatives.

Technology giants such as Trend Micro, SAP and QlikTech already support the delivery of Datacom cloud services. This partnership has positioned Intervolve amongst those market leaders.

* Longhaus Cloud Pulse Report, 2012 – ranks Datacom a top 3 provider


  • About Intervolve

  • Intervolve answers business-critical requirements of electronic data and cloud technology, with best of breed solutions tailored to customer and partner needs. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Adelaide, Intervolve boasts Australia-wide service capability. Intervolve took early leadership of hardware and software solutions
    for online commerce and remains at the technology forefront. Intervolve has diversified with the evolving commercial landscape with services that encompass a balanced scorecard of leading web-based solutions. Blending digital innovation, extensive experience, and strategic partnerships, Intervolve capacity spans a full spectrum including:

  • Data Centre Services
    Cloud Hosting Solutions
    VPS Virtual Servers
    Server Colocation
    Network Security
    Managed Services

  • Intervolve has earned a reputation for strong business continuity, guaranteed uptime and high performance managed solutions. Recent investment in a wholly owned data centre has further strengthened the ability to provide complete solutions to an ever more technology-reliant clientele.




About Datacom

With 3600 people, Datacom is one of Australasia’s largest professional IT services companies. Datacom is 100% New Zealand owned with revenues of AU$715 million and extensive expertise in the operation of data centres, the provision of IT services, software engineering and application management, payroll and business process
outsourcing. Founded in 1965 and operating across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines. Datacom has a successful 48 year trading history of consistent growth, profitability and a track record of delivering innovative, value-for-money technology-based solutions, with many clients in relationships spanning decades.



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