29th September 2016 - SA Power Outage Event – One in 50 Year Storm – Intervolve Data Centre performs without disruption



On Wednesday 28th September 2016 the Intervolve Data Centre continued with NO down time despite a state-wide power outage. South Australia was battered by two tornadoes which destroyed three elements of critical power infrastructure that resulted in 1.7 million residents losing power across metropolitan and rural areas.

The Intervolve Pooraka data centre, was built with UPS filtered battery backup protection, complemented with diesel fuel generation to ensure power provision remains unaffected during a disaster. Shortly after 4.00pm CST, the area lost power and ran on diesel generator supply until after 11.00pm CST. Additional brownouts and fluctuations were filtered by the enterprise class UPS and battery backup systems .

The power outage also affected state telecommunications networks that despite having battery-backup power, only lasted for a certain period of time. Intervolve’s mission-critical Managed Network continued to operate throughout the storm and the power loss, due to being connected to several redundant network providers.

Through the effective design of the data centre and its network services, regular maintenance and onsite staff, Intervolve successfully continued the operations of its National & International clientele based out of its Adelaide head-quarters.

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