Managed Data Center Facilities

The following information offers further insight into our primary data centre hosting facility technical specifications utilised for our managed hosting service provision:

Physical Security


Data centres are built and designed to the highest possible specifications to meet the requirements of secure hosting solutions. The multi-level security infrastructure that includes:


  • Door access controls at main site and building entrances
  • Proximity card or bio-metric activation to authorise access levels
  • Movement logs on all proximity card / biometric activations
  • Internal and external CCTV cameras and digital image archiving
  • Internal and external intruder detection devices
  • Vehicle entrance barriers and secure loading bays
  • Onsite security staff
  • 24x7 security monitoring

The following information offers further insight into our primary data centre hosting facility technical specifications utilised for our managed hosting service provision:

Secure Rack Provision


The data centre space for Managed Hosting Services is provisioned with the use of secure enclosed 42RU racks individually keyed with key control administered by the data centre manager. Access to these racks is limited to data centre staff who have been vetted in accordance to the managed services security requirements.

Video Monitoring


CCTV cameras and recording devices which are used to record activities within the data centre. While the cameras are not constantly monitored by data centre operators all activity in the room will be recorded and copies of recordings archived and retained for forensic purposes.


Access to recordings is restricted to data centre staff, and monitoring/viewing of recorded material is limited to that required for the purpose of investigating incidents as well as improving, testing and auditing security of the data centre facilities.


Fire Detection and Prevention 


Data centre facilities are protected with sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems, built to detect and rapidly react should a fire outbreak occur, minimising the impact and reduce any chance of it spreading to other areas.

Key features include:



  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) systems
  • Gas suppression systems using FM200 gas or Inergen gas
  • Fire alarms and wet-pipe sprinkler systems in ancillary areas
  • Fire detection is linked to the MFS

Redundant Power Systems


Data centre power provision has been designed with diverse and durable supplies of power. The facilities are designed to minimise the risk of power failure. Some of the sample features include:


  • Onsite power sub station
  • Multiple UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), N+1 redundancy
  • Backup power generators to maximise service stability
  • On-site fuel storage, with priority re-fuelling contracts



Data centres are equipped with environmental and cooling facilities to meet the demands of the latest high density server technologies. The cooling infrastructure is centrally managed, including key features:


  • Multiple Air Conditioning Units (N+1 redundancy)
  • Regulated humidity & temperature within a constant range
  • Chilled water HVAC system with no environmentally hazardous refrigerants
  • Flexible chilled water arrangements to cater for Direct Piped and Down Flow Air Conditioning Units



Environmental Monitoring


All environmental services are monitored to ensure that optimum conditions are provided from within the data centre facilities, including features such as:



    • Temperatures Maintained at 22ºC (+/- 2ºC)
    • Humidity Maintained at 50% (+/- 10%)
    • 24x7 Environmental Monitoring

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