Intervolve Advisory - #10050

Intervolve Advisory - #10050    
Severity Informational
Advisory Type Hazard
Outage Status Resolved
( 1666 d 3 h 41 m ago)
Source Facility
Start 02/12/2017 06:30 AM AEDT
End 03/12/2017 12:30 PM AEDT
Summary Mains Failure Testing
Services Mains Power
Areas Melbourne - Level 3, 530 Collins Street

The following maintenance is not anticipated to have any effect on the normal operation of the facility:

Within the hazard window, technicians will conduct a brief and routine mains fail test.
As a result, the site load for the data centre will be transferred to generator for approximately 60 minutes. Generator specialists will be on site to supervise the works.

Please note that this is a hazard notification only and no action is required.

UPDATE: 07/12/2017 10:22:00 GMT+10:30 AEDT
Works completed without incident.

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