Intervolve Advisory - #10066

Intervolve Advisory - #10066    
Severity Medium
Advisory Type Outage
Outage Status Resolved
( 1443 d 21 h 40 m ago)
Source Upstream Transit Providers
Start 13/07/2018 10:07 AM AEST
End 13/07/2018 04:44 PM AEST
Summary Degraded Network Performance
Services Network
Areas Brisbane - Milton

Upstream transit provider network issues may result in dedgraded network performance for some clients.

Engineers are working on the issue.  Updates to follow.


UPDATE: 13/07/2018 19:05:29 GMT+09:30 AEST
Configuration changes applied by upstream providers to mitigate performance issues. Please contact our Support team on 1300 664 574 should you still be experiencing any network performance issues. Final confirmation of issue resolution to follow.

UPDATE: 16/07/2018 10:12:56 GMT+09:30 AEST
All remediation works have been completed by the upstream provider without further incident. Please contact Intervolve support on 1300 664 574 should you have any concerns.

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