Intervolve Advisory - #10081

Intervolve Advisory - #10081    
Severity Medium
Advisory Type Hazard
Outage Status Resolved
( 1215 d 38 m ago)
Source Upstream Transit
Start 27/02/2019 11:28 AM AWST
End 27/02/2019 12:45 PM AWST
Summary Intermittent Connectivity Issues
Services Network
Areas Perth - Bentley

Please note that we have received some reports of high latency and connectivity issues accessing our Western Australian facilities from a small number of locations.  This appears to be as a result of a larger issue with an upstream transit provider.

The upstream provider is aware of the issue and currently investigating.

We will provide further information as soon as possible.

UPDATE: 27/02/2019 12:40:19 GMT+10:30 AWST
Our network engineers have noticed that network traffic has returned to normal. We are still waiting for an update from the upstream provider to confirm that this has been resolved.

UPDATE: 27/02/2019 12:47:59 GMT+10:30 AWST
Upstream providers network engineers have identified incorrect configuration on a core device. Change has been made and all services have now been restored. If any further problems are still be experienced please contact Intervolve on 1300 664 574

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