Intervolve Advisory - #10087

Intervolve Advisory - #10087    
Severity Informational
Advisory Type Outage
Outage Status Resolved
( 1118 d 20 h 11 m ago)
Source Facility Power
Start 03/06/2019 03:00 PM AEST
End 03/06/2019 07:30 PM AEST
Summary Power Issues
Services Connectivity / Network
Areas Melbourne - Level 15, 530 Collins Street

We are aware of an unexpected power related event at the 530 Collins Street Level 15 facility.

We believe power to be restored at this point and our team is working to restore all services.

More details to follow.

UPDATE: 03/06/2019 21:19:59 GMT+09:30 AEST
Facility power contractors have been onsite to investigate and mitigate against further issues. We await a full report Furthermore, knock-on network connectivity issues were experienced by a subset of clients, resulting in issues accessing some services behind hardware protected firewalls. At this stage we believe all network connectivity issues to be resolved and all paths stable. We await confirmation from the facility team and the onsite contractors as to the state of power redundancy at site. Please escalate any issues you may still be experiencing to our Support team on 1300 664 574.

UPDATE: 06/06/2019 10:11:25 GMT+09:30 AEST
Power has been stable since the last power outage. We believe power issues to be resolved by the facility.

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