Intervolve Advisory - #10230

Intervolve Advisory - #10230    
Severity Medium
Advisory Type Outage
Outage Status Resolved
( 824 d 21 h 54 m ago)
Source Facility
Start 18/02/2020 04:30 PM AEDT
End 19/02/2020 12:00 AM AEDT
Summary Emergency Power Maintenance
Services Power - Primary "A" Feed
Areas Canberra

DESCRIPTION: During a recent site walk through it was identified that remedial works on the A10 PDU in Colo 1 is required. To facilitate urgent repairs isolation of the 'A' feed to Colo 1 will be needed.

During this maintenance window, the 'A' feed to Colo 1 is required to be turned off, to allow the remedial works to be performed. It is noted that the 'B' feed will be operational during the remedial works and be fully supported by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Generator standby systems. It should be noted that redundancy is reduced during the works.

UPDATE: 18/02/2020 23:29:56 GMT+10:30 AEDT
Facility site staff confirmed that the A feed is now back to normal operation at 18:50 hrs site local time after they replaced the power distribution unit (PDU) A10. Please contact the Intervolve Support Team should you have any ongoing issues.

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