Trend Micro Deep Security

Complete Unified Cloud Based Security

  Trend Micro Deep SecurityEAL2 Certified


Intervolve takes great pride in ensuring complete security for physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments. To ensure that we keep the ongoing commitment to providing high quality solutions we will be moving to one of the highest award-winning protection platforms, Trend Micro. Offering a suite of products against Trend Micro’s SMART Protection Network, ensures that users have security built to protect all service offerings whether physical, virtual or cloud. In addition, your security should not hinder host performance and virtual machines density or the return on investment, by providing comprehensive security in one purpose-built solution it ensures that there are no security gaps or performance impacts.


Hybrid Cloud Security


Trend Micro Hybrid Cloud SecurityA key advantage of the Trend Micro Deep Security Suite, is its integration across various environments, with the ability to protect, monitor, and report from a single centrally managed, cloud based Management Console.

Maximise operational cost reductions through eliminating the cost of system deployment by having access to this console that will provide feature rich management, visibility and provide automation of repetitive security tasks.

Manage Threats

Effectively and Efficiently manage threats with consistent and context-aware security policies, flexible defence-in-depth capabilities on a single, easy-to-manage multi-function security agent.


Real-Time Security Protection

Prevent data breaches and business disruptions by detecting and removing malware in real time with minimal performance impact, blocking unauthorize software with multi-platform control and deliver advanced threat detection and remediation. Effective protection against ransom-ware.



Demonstrate compliance with a number of regulatory requirements including PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST, SSAE 16, and more


OS Compatibility

OS Version
 Windows Desktop  7, 8, 8.1, 10 TH2, 10 RS2
 Windows Server  2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016
 Windows Server Core  2012, 2012 R2  
 NSX Windows (Agentless)  Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10 RS2, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 (with NSX 6.3.3)
 Linux   RHEL 6/7, CentOS 6/7, Oracle Linux 6/7, SUSE 11/12, Ubuntu 16 LTS, Cloud Linux 7 
 NSX Linux (Agentless)  RHEL 6/7, CentOS 6/7, Oracle Linux 6/7, SUSE 11/12, Ubuntu 16 LTS, Cloud Linux 7, Debian 8
 Network Tools  VMware vRealize Operations, Splunk, HP ArcSight, and IBM QRadar




Management Console Interface

For a full visibility experience of all security & alerting of your Servers, Desktop and Endpoints, Intervolve provides access to a Cloud-based Management Console.

  • Centralised License Management
  • Dashboard Alerts
  • Activity Reports


Management Console Setup

Once-off Establishment fee: $132.00


Licensing Features

Choose the licensing features per device:

Server (VM) Licensing Features SKU Setup† Monthly
Deep Security - Anti-Malware Anti-Malware + Web Reputation* DX3TMMM9XLCXSY  $66.00  $15.00
Deep Security - Network Deep Packet Inspection (IDS/IPS) & Firewall  DX3CMMM9XLCXSY  $132.00  $28.00
Deep Security - System File Integrity Monitoring, Log Inspection, Application Control  DX3QMMM9XLCXSY

 $132.00  $28.00
Deep Security - Enterprise Bundled Suite - All features  DX3AMMM9XLCXSY  $264.00  $56.00


* Real-Time & On-Demand Scanning

The following features are included within the Anti-Malware protection, but may limited by certain Operating Systems:

  • Signature Based File Scanning
  • Spyware Scanning
  • Document Exploit Protection
  • Behaviour Monitoring
  • Process Memory Scanning
  • Registry Scanning


† Setup & Configuration

A client may elect self- installation and self-configuration of the Endpoint Software, eliminating the need for the setup fee.
Pricing for 9-5 business hours. Pricing outside business is $198.00 per hour.


Escalated Management

For a complete end-to-end escalated resolution of security alerts, trust Intervolve to resolve all alerts and security risk outcomes during 9-5 business hours.

Escalated Management   Per 30mins Monthly
Ad-Hoc Management Per Case - During Business Hours $66.00  
Ad-Hoc Management Per Case - Outside Business Hours $99.00  
1-10 Devices     $80.00
11-20 Devices     $100.00
20-50 Devices     $150.00



All pricing includes GST. Pricing is valid as at April 2018 and may be subject to change.